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Allison Daniell

I grew up in a household of opera singing parents, which I didn’t think was “cool” at the time. So, I decided to rebel and be a visual artist. Drawing was my first love, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Martin Luther King, Jr., I drew anything I could find!

Drawing led to other forms of art throughout my education – painting, printmaking, sculpture, letterpress, and eventually graphic design (which is my BFA degree). Since I moved to Colorado Springs in 2005, I ended up at a professional photo shop doing digital work on other people’s work, but eventually photography jobs began falling into MY lap.

I followed the trail, and have since developed a business of shooting events, portraits, weddings, senior pictures, bed and breakfasts, and anything else under the sun! I still enjoy graphic design and getting my hands dirty, and I hope to one day own a letterpress and type library of my own!

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