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Amy Seltzer

Quality of Life. From a young age, I pursued the value of life. I am a dreamer of dreams and my artwork is formed directly from my vision. I find bicycles to be a key element in my images because they are often associated with quality of life, an intangible commodity traded among the passionate and the young at heart. I form my images as I practice recognizing unresolved emotions. Quantity of life creates unresolved emotions, and I find myself asking, what will it take to bring back QUALITY of life? I believe that the energy of our ancestors acts to add resolution to my work. In this sense, the bicycle is their gift to us, a way to remember the meaning of the Industrial Revolution long after the wars in its wake have reshaped the face of the earth. My society has created the atmosphere which inspires me, to obey laws of human potential is to form a spectrum of my power. Because good art is highly dependent upon society, art is highly affected by the laws of society, and protected when good laws are exercised. Law is always essential before art can flourish. As a person, I see law as the greatest protector of my art. As a woman, speaking through 21st Century Bicycle Art, there is a new law: Interaction with the work is the first cause for its creation. All it takes to understand any of my works, is to understand the experience of taking time out for yourself, if ever so briefly. This experience is the root of all passion.


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