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Christopher Bullock

I fell asleep in New York and woke up in Colorado Springs, where I can actually afford to live comfortably. In some circles I am known as an "aloof, pretentious contrarian" and am a common sight at open mics and soup kitchens. All throughout April I participated in National Poetry Month, and performed at readings at King Soopers, Couture’s Laundry, and Venue 515, among other exclusive spots. A nonchalant college dropout, I play keyboards for the Nicotine Fits, and I also write lyrics/music on autoharp, as Tall City. I write poetry incessantly, and on the rare occasions I have money I publish my work. Occasionally I produce hiphop and make crude visual art. I used to pursue work in creative career areas, but have since decided to follow the day job/night artist route. I DJ soul and jazz records 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at Shuga’s. No, I am not from New York City. No, I have never seen ‘Goodfellas’. No, again, I am not from New York City! That includes the Bronx. I do not smoke or drink, therefore I have spending money. Yes I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, I used the bathroom. I enjoy living here, and hope my parents can move out here soon, much better here than working two jobs to barely afford a one room studio cottage on the East Coast! Hit me up!


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