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Cori Gale

Growing up in a house full of my father's sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos and my mothers crafts, art has always been a part of my life. Submitted into gifted art camps and have art teachers submit my works without me even knowing it, it took me a long time to understand, appreciate, and finally accept that I was a talented artist. My favorite mediums are oils for painting and charcoal for drawing. My oils paintings tend to focus on the more abstract, with an emphasis on color and emotion /or feeling. I have a hard time titling my pieces because I want the viewer to interpret what they see. I might feel differently about a piece than someone else, each experience is unique to the individual. Subject matter is less emphasized that the exploration of color and its effects on how one feels. Mark Rothko and Van Gogh are my favorites when expressing feeling and emotion through color and brush stroke. I find Rothko's pieces serene, they pull me into the painting and everything is blocked out. Van Gogh, on the other hand, causes excitement, agitation, even irritability with his vibrant use of colors and heavy, jagged brush strokes. His use of a palette knife for applying color gives a 3D feeling that makes you back up. Two different styles that produce polar extremities in emotion/feeling. I am staring to explore more about color theory, in painting and in photography – HDR photography. HDR reveals so many more tones the human eye doesn't notice. This is one of my new obsessions.

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