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Daisy McGowan

Curator, administrator and artist Daisy McGowan is the director of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Galleries of Contemporary Art, also known as GOCA 1421, and the campus gallery, and GOCA 121, a downtown satellite gallery. McConnell has turned the galleries into a fun, lively and vital educational resource.

The act of making marks, whether in stone caves or modern studios, is as ancient as our human race. The physicality of creating art in a variety of media connects Daisy to the mortal coil of humanity. Her subject matter ranges from organic body systems to feminine frippery, from domestic musings to animal mortality. It is the act of carving, scraping, marking, burning, and creating that connects me to an ancient memory. In her work, she uses ideas as the catalyst, often writing and incorporating her text into the finished work. The ideas translate into various media, including mixed-media sculpture, hand-pulled prints, mixed-media collage, and encaustic paintings. Daisy cannot separate her life from her art, thus many of her ideas are generated from daily experiences.

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