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debra sanders

Debra Sanders was born and lived to tell about it, which she considers to be a remarkable accomplishment. She is best known as a writer of memoir, although in truth, she has written more children’s books than memoirs. Her memoir, A Matter of Panache, hit’s bestseller status in November, 2008 and continues to sustain respectable sales. It is the story of her passionate advocacy for children with special needs, her 23 year career as an educational psychologist in the most remote corners of Alaska, the Indian reservations of southeast Utah and right here in a middle school on Fort Carson. And it is the story of the head injury that altered her life and brought her credibility into question when she spoke up one too many times for the right thing to happen for kids in public schools. A Matter of Panache is an explosive, inside look into some of the successes … and failures of public education and offers a particularly shocking exposure of some of the practices taking place right here in Colorado Springs.


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