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Jeremy Cooper

Art is my gift, my purpose, and my responsibility. I am inspired by the world around me, things that are full of life and motion. I like to focus on that which is not associated with cold hard steel. I have a strong desire to create artistic works that transcend media, turning cold into warm, hard into soft, and rigid into flowing. I use modern metal working techniques including plasma cutting, wire feed welding, and multi-layered grinding as well as more traditional methods involving heat, hammer, and anvil. The recycling of the earth’s resources is not only important but a necessity. My challenge as an artist is to give scrap metal new life. I seek to expose its potential by bringing out beauty related to the elements and forces of nature. Taking non-organic materials like steel and copper and transforming them into organic reflections of nature such as the wind and the sun and that which has life such as trees and grasses. This process gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

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