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Martha Lancaster


Born in Memphis, TN, Martha has lived in Colorado Springs, CO since 1978. As a graphic designer, she worked for Wellspring Advertising Agency eight years, producing a monthly magazine, brochures, newsletters, logos, and materials for a large bookselling convention. After that she freelanced for several organizations around Colorado Springs for over 25 years. Later, Martha used her graphic design skills for the Pikes Peak Writers annual writers conferences creating marketing materials.

     “The paintings in this show were inspired by original photos I’ve taken, or they were created out of my imagination. Constantly nourished by Colorado’s scenic beauty, my love for the outdoors includes downhill skiing, biking, camping, hiking, and nature photography. These watercolor paintings come from my very large nature photo collection taken around the world.

     I first began painting in oils, then acrylics, but eventually came to love the free-flowing nature of water colors.”

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Commercial Art degree from Pikes Peak Community College
Northern Light Art School

Also studied under:
Thomas J. Owen, Lois Miller, Lorraine Watry, Randy Hale, Eric Fetsch, and Wilhelmina Steenbergen, papier-mâché artist


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