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Mary Cotner

Biography Mary L. Cotner I love the way watercolor expresses life, IT MOVES! It changes with every stroke of the Artist’s brush. I consider myself more of an impressionistic painter Capturing light and or movement is the most exciting and challenging part of painting. That is what makes a painting come alive. Every time I paint, I am striving to capture a moment or feeling that we have all felt at one time or another in our lives. I began drawing and painting at a young age. I was born in La Porte, Indiana but did not start to take painting seriously until I moved to Colorado over 30 years ago. It’s like the saying, “you are never too old”. You are never too old to find the passion in your life and go after it. I have studied with a number of notable teachers, and have taught watercolor to both Adults and Children. I have won numerous awards and have sold work throughout Southern Colorado. I believe that good art is more than a pretty picture. It will convey the thoughts and feelings of the artist and the story they are trying to tell. Just as a musician composes a beautiful song, if one of my paintings makes you smile, remember, or even laugh, there is no greater compliment. I know I have succeeded.

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