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Michelle Hair

Michelle Hair is a Colorado Springs lampwork and fused glass artist as well as the owner of New Earth Beads. Lampwork is the art of using a torch to melt glass rods and form the molten material into shapes, such as beads, with hand movements and tools. Fused art is where sheet glass is cut into shapes, arranged, and fired in a kiln where it melts together to form various creations. She has a home studio and properly anneals all glass pieces in her kiln for durability. In May 2017 she began teaching fused glass glasses at her home studio. To view upcoming classes or to schedule a private group class, please visit or email

Michelle began her journey with glass having taken initial classes in August 2013. Her teachers/mentors recognized and praised her natural talent with glass and encouraged her to pursue her new passion. Michelle feels such intense joy when she is creating with glass and believes that this energy is infused into each piece. She designs each piece with the intention to invoke joy and inspire others to follow their passion. She currently practices her art full-time.

Michelle participates in many local handcrafted farm & art events. Her lampwork bead bottle stoppers were featured in the Fall 2015 edition of Springs Magazine (Locally Good, p.45). She currently has her creations for sale at two downtown locations – Eclectic CO & Honey, Tea and Me. She loves being involved in projects, collaborations, and retail spaces with other artists/creators with the intention of supporting and building a stronger community together.

To date, she creates the following glass art pieces:

  • Lampwork – individual handcrafted glass beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls, wine charms, bottle stoppers, and beadable utensils.
  • Fused Glass – earrings, pendants, cufflinks, tie pins, tie bars, dishes, yard art, and nightlights.

Michelle continues to expand what she creates and makes deliberate conscious choices when purchasing findings for her projects. When possible she uses products made in the USA. She also uses only energy efficient LED lightbulbs in her nightlight creations.




  • String of Lampwork Beads

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