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Sonny Enfinger

A little piece of my soul is what I offer. For 17 years I have been a musician, influenced by, Rock, Blues/Jazz, Latin, Punk, Funk, Soul, and Folk music. My songs are about love, death, frustration, perseverance, and dreaming. The first week of my new song releases for my album, Love and Hate I was ranked #18 on the Local Charts for Reverb Nation. It’s an exciting time in music, and I am Glad to be a part of it! The day it all began, was December 15th, 1976. I sprang out of my mother clapping my hands and stomping my feet. I was born in Torrance, California, and came home in a Christmas stocking. I have always been creative, but at the age of 15 I picked up a guitar that I got one Christmas. All of sudden I had an urge to play it. After getting it out of the rafters of the garage, I found out it did not have strings on it. But I was not going to let it stop me. So I looked around for substitutes for a guitar string, all I needed was one to play. Being ingenius, I found a cable wire for a TV and stripped it down to the copper and put it on the guitar. Since it was an electric guitar and I had a stereo in the garage, I plugged it to the stereo and started wailing through it. My dad had played guitar but not for years. He came into garage because of all the noise and asked me what I was doing……. "I told him I was playing guitar"…… Then he started laughing hysterically! When he finally was able to compose himself, he asked me what I had on the guitar (referring to the string)……. I told him a cable wire. And he laughed even harder. My dad told me we need to go and get some real strings while still laughing. It was a happy day! After that he started to teach me the basics. Eventually, I started teaching myself through books, watching other musicians and experimenting. Along the way, I played other instruments like bass, drums and piano. I didn’t start writing songs and singing until 1999. Today, I get to share a little of piece of me with you!

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