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Tokka Oroku

"The Jackson Pollock of the Ninja Turtles." –Nickelodeon • • "Tokka .. Regardless of what he calls himself you know him as an intensely gifted and thoroughly focused artist. Raw, realized, passionate, political, his work screams at you on levels both in your face and abstractly, both Day-Glo and nuanced, bold and sublime. His mediums are many: he puts the bang back into Pop, pours power across a page, tears pixels into tomorrow, gives action figures a second coming. He rocks, he raves, he saves. He wakes us up from ourselves." — Steve Murphy :: Former creative director of Mirage Studios Inc.; Puma Blues, Umbra, TMNT Adventures, Tales of the TMNT
"[ Tokka ] .. the creme da la creme of TMNT fans!! " — Ryan Brown :: TMNT Legend and Artist alumni, Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa
Lambasted by the industry that motivated him; lauded ,endorsed & cheered by the creators that inspired him. Tokka's work has singed the eyeballs of the likes of Lucasfilm Licensing, Midway Games, Sega, Microsoft, Disney Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, Playmates Toys, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Heavy Metal Magazine, Mirage Studios, Dark Horse Comics, and Viz Communications just to name a scant few. ( Barf-bags were provided as a courtesy to said company representatives ). His global & unique cult-following has embraced his schizophrenic renderings & twisted visions of pop-culture iconography & recycled heroes as much as those who've shunned him. It's also landed him in the sights of the acclaimed international 80s animation magazine, "CerealGeek." And then there's that crazy "Turtle" thing he does with so much $#%^@#* heart !


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