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Tommy Gallagher

Tommy is a self taught musician, picking up the tennis racket and mock jamming to the 45’s of the Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and many other 60’s 70’s Rock’n’Roll bands. Realizing what a blast real music was, he dropped the racket and bought a Sears Silvertone guitar and amp for $22.00 Although Tommy would play in various projects, the real desire to play music did not flourish till his late 20’s.

Tommy Gallagher is not your run of the mill “Dude with a guitar.” Sarcastic, and a bit pissed off, Gallagher breaks the mold of the stereotypical singer/songwriter and instead revels in pushing the envelope by blending the rawness of a Blues Rocker and the softness of a balladeer with the edginess of rock and roll.

So late in the summer of 1999 Gallagher purchased a variety of recording equipment, a Tascam 788 8 Track Early Digital Recorder and started recording Love & Politics. On June 21st, 2003 Love & Politics was hot off the press and officially released.

2008 – 2010
” Tommy Gallagher’s Incredible Friends” “TGIF” with 2 World Renown Players, 5x Grammy Nominee Bassist Kim Stone & L.A. Music Award Winner Guitar Virtuoso Michael Reese, Both Musical Masters.

2008 2010 A new Brain For Arnie Grammy Bassist Kim Stones Project 100% Improv

2010 September The Hidden War Starts Unknowingly

2020 November 17th Love & Politics (Remastered)w 3 New Songs Released



  • Tommy Gallagher\'s Incredible Friends Performing Allman Brother\'s Band In Memory of Elizabeth Reed at the Allman brothers Pre Party Show

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  • Tommy Gallagher\'s Album Love & Politics Remastered, Released November 17th 2020

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