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From Then to Now presented by Parish House Baroque

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From Then to Now presented by Parish House Baroque

Witness as tradition and innovation unite in a harmonious fusion of eras with fresh music by Fontana, Merula, Marini, Castello, as well as new baroque music by living composers Nicola Canzano and Frederico Maria Sardelli.

Discover the mesmerizing melodies that have resonated through centuries, and have brought life to Parish House Baroque. The lush tones will transport you to a time when each note was meticulously crafted, carrying the emotions and stories of generations past and present. Feel the emotion, interludes and cadence as they intertwine in a homage to musical heritage. Then, at the heart of the performance lies a Colorado premier that will redefine your perception of Baroque music with Nicola Canzano, ... view more »

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