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Advanced Woodsman - 50 Day Class

Please note, this event has expired.

Presented by Colorado Mountain Man Survival at Colorado Mountain Man Survival, Cripple Creek CO

Jul 05 2019
Aug 23 2019
Advanced Woodsman – 50 Day Class presented by Colorado Mountain Man Survival at ,

We will take you from not knowing anything to being comfortable in the outdoors with the skills and mental strength you will have learned in this program.

The Colorado Woodsman Class Is our most extensive and immersive experience.

This course will challenge and test you but you will walk away a changed and better person that will allow you to view the world in a different light.

You will spend 50 days with us which, we feel, is the best way to train you for a real life survival situation or the ultimate Colorado woodland experience.

You will be totally immersed in this outdoor experience,  yet will remain in a reasonably controlled environment.

Our goal is not to break you, or to get you to “tap-out” of the training class, but to lift you up until you succeed.

It is also the first step you can take to become affiliated with The Survival University (TSU) and Colorado Mountain Man Survival, LLC., to become one of our survival instructor candidates.

One does not have to become a survival instructor to take this course, but if that is the path that you choose, we will help you succeed.

Although this 50 day immersive class is held in Colorado, it will prepare you for situations in any region, in any climate.

Once completed, you will gain the confidence AND the skills to venture out into the backcountry, anywhere in the world, without worrying about anything  Mother Nature throws at you.

Other than gaining a solid foundation into becoming a survival instructor in an ever growing industry or with becoming a proficient outdoorsman, this class will ready you for other careers in outfitting, guiding, outdoor leadership and many other outdoor professions.

You will be able to put 500+ hours of training on your resume, as well as, the receipt of a nationally recognized Wilderness First Responder Certification from Offgrid Medic LLC.

A WFR Cert is the gold standard and required for many outdoor industry jobs and no other survival school can offer you that certificate in addition to 500 hours of training on your resume.

You will not be trained by a single instructor, but rather a team of experts in their field to include tracking, counter tracking, modern navigation, camouflage and concealment, wilderness medicine, flint knapping and more.

Of course we will teach you all of the necessary core survival skills such as fire making, knot tying, shelter building, water procurement and purification, hunting, trapping and many more skills.

We won’t just show them to you once, but these cores skills will be revisited, reproduced and driven into your mind until you have them mastered.

Every day you will be tasked and tested with the skills until you know them like the back of your own hand.

At the end of this course you will receive a written and physical test.

Should you want to become an instructor candidate for TSU, you must pass this test.

Though we will do everything in our power to help you make this happen, some may not pass, but all will join our brotherhood of Colorado Woodsmen.

Upon completion of this class you will gain:

  • A nationally recognized Wilderness First Responder Certification from Offgrid Medic LLC.
  • Skills that will make you more prepared and more valuable than most, in difficult situations.
  • Have the confidence and the skills to venture into the backcountry with little gear.
  • Receive free or discounted prices to future related courses and recertification’s.
  • Discounts to guest instructor events may not apply. You aren’t just purchasing a class; you are purchasing a lifetime membership of perks and benefits.If you choose to take the path of becoming a TSU Instructor

Our teaching style is about quality over quantity.  We will start out by teaching you core survival skills to include wilderness medicine and build up to touch on more advanced techniques.

Not only will you learn what it takes to get back home but we will also teach you what it takes to stay in the wilderness for as long as you want.

We will teach you about fires, shelters, water purification, food procurement, wild edibles, tools, knots, signaling, self-rescue, and real navigation with a map and compass,  until it is burned into your head.

Later in the course we will move on to advance tactics like flint knapping, primitive hunting tools, field butchering, skinning, hide tanning, tracking, counter-tracking, camouflage and concealment  and other pertinent “military” style tactics.

The final days of the course are scenario based where we will test your skills in a controlled, but difficult environment where you can put most of the learned techniques into play.

You will be training with us in the woods for 50 days straight.

We will allow you breaks to rest and resupply, but will encourage you to not enjoy the comforts of modern society while you are with us.  By  avoiding this temptation, you will challenge yourself in this totally engrossing experience and bring your skills, knowledge and survival psychology to its maximum potential.


  • Lead Instructor – Jason Marsteiner
  • Guest Wilderness First Responder Instructor – Mark DeJong (Offgrid Medic LLC)
  • Guest Flint Knapping Instructor – Doug Dahl
  • Guest Mushroom Expert – Mushroom Mike (State Certified)
  • Guest Expert Tracking Instructor – Fernando Moreira’s (Professional Tracking Services)
  • Guest Wild Edible Instructor – Cattail Bob


  • Week 1: Modern Outdoor Skills / Wild Plant Walk / Wilderness First Responder
  • Week 2: Wilderness First Responder / Core Survival Skills
  • Week 3: Core Survival Skills
  • Week 4: Advanced Primitive Living Skills / Navigation
  • Week 5: Using Wild Plants / Advanced Primitive Bushcrafting
  • Week 6: Wild Mushroom Walk/ Tracking
  • Week 7: Bow Making and Challenges

To pass this course, you will be required to sleep in a primitive shelter during your entire stay with us. Leave your tent at home! Otherwise, bring whatever gear you feel comfortable with.

We do not provide you with gear unless you purchase it from us ahead of time. You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly! You don’t have to buy our gear to attend the course, but you need survival gear of equivalent quality.



Contact: (719) 930-9714


    Official Website



Colorado Mountain Man Survival

Monarch Drive, Cripple Creek, CO

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