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IMPORTANT: If your events have been postponed or cancelled, please do not delete them. Email and we will update event listings to reflect new information. A full list of canceled/posptoned events can be found here.

Also, Peak Radar is now showcasing digital content from arts groups throughout the Pikes Peak region with Gallery tours, behind the scenes videos, live stream performances - all digital content is welcome! To have your content showcased, submit a Peak Radar event listing like normal, with the following steps/adjustments:

1) Explore a few of the posts at for a sense of how they look.

2) Event Title: Structure as “(Type of Digital Content - i.e. Streaming Concerts, Audio Plays, etc.), (Organization Name) Virtual Experiences”

3) Venue: Select “Online/Virtual Space”

4) Event Category: Select “Online/Streaming”

5) Dates/Times: Select relevant date range, then set start time to “12:00 AM” and end time to “11:55 PM”

6) Include the URL for where your videos can be found – Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Questions? Explore our Virtual Event Listing Article or email


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Location: All events must take place in Southern Colorado's El Paso or Teller counties.

Lead Time: We request that events be submitted as early as possible prior to the event's start date. If we receive your event listing less than two weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that your event will be posted.

Event Types: Only public events may be listed. We do not accept events that are solely retail in purpose, whose purpose is solicitation, or are solely religious or political/partisan in nature. Events posted to Peak Radar should also be leisure time or recreational activities, and have a specific cultural component to them. Events cannot solely be fundraisers. Event eligibility is also evaluated on a case-by-case basis. At this time, we are only able to accept event listings in English.

* reserves the right to edit graphic images and submissions for grammar, style, and accuracy, as well as remove any listings or profiles that we believe are not suitable for the site. While the Cultural Office does not believe in censorship, we do reserve the right to edit all submitted content to ensure accuracy and appropriateness for our Peak Radar audiences.

Please contact us directly with any questions at or (719) 634-5155.