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21st Century Toastmasters Club

21st Century Toastmasters is a dynamic group of people from all walks of life. College students, middle-aged professionals, and retirees are just three groups who call 21st Century Toastmasters home.

In addition, four members have earned the coveted DTM award and are just as excited about Toastmasters as they were when they first started.

Visitors and long-time members alike praise the group’s camaraderie, commitment to making everyone feel welcome, and great sense of humor.

On the more technical side, the group meets at Library 21c inside the Ent Conference Room, which sports a large touch-screen computer/display for speakers interested in giving technical presentations.

In short, 21st Century Toastmasters is the perfect choice for seasoned veterans and beginning speakers alike. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, old or young, you’ll find plenty to love with this club!

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