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Forge Evolution

Forge Evolution located in Colorado Springs CO

For 27 years, Colorado Springs Teen Court (Teen Court) has been a proven option for youth who make misdemeanor mistakes. In Teen Court, young defendants are seen by a jury of their teen peers. Through classes that raise esteem and boost positive life choices, past participants are more likely to avoid chances to get in more trouble, in favor of building a brighter life.

Over the years, many areas where youth and families needed more resources were found; but Teen Court could only help youth after a crime occurred.

As of May 1, 2021 Teen Court became Forge Evolution with a new focus on boosting resiliency and helping youth grow. Forge Evolution knows that a successful youth program must help youth in all areas of their life.

Now parents, schools, and other partners can send youth to Forge Evolution at any point! Our program focuses on the research-backed factors and methods that give rise to to a young person’s health and success.


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