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Deerfield Hills Community Center

Deerfield Hills Community Center located in Colorado Springs CO

When the privately built and operated Deerfield Hills Community Center began to falter in the 1970’s, the City of Colorado Springs acquired the building and began development of the City’s first true community center.

Today, the Center continues its tradition of offering a positive and safe environment for children of all ages. The wide array of program opportunities and community services, along with a dynamic center staff, make this a well utilized neighborhood resource.

Colorado Springs Community Centers:

Located in areas impacted by marginalized socioeconomic conditions, Colorado Springs Community Centers strives to effectively develop creative solutions to improve the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Unique partnerships between neighborhood associations, churches, schools, non-profit agencies, private businesses, and military installations allows the Colorado Springs Community Centers to create a unparalleled environment for learning, recreation, and personal growth. Additionally, the Community Centers provide comprehensive and integrated community-based services at a single site for youth, families, the elderly, and those with special needs.

All three sites provide productive outlets that focus on these seven program areas:

  1. Early childhood, youth, and teens
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Food insecurity
  4. Medical services
  5. Public safety
  6. Technology
  7. Community building

As a whole the Colorado Springs Community Centers offer numerous programs and services; however, ea

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