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Kidpower of Colorado

Kidpower of Colorado located in Colorado Springs CO

Kidpower of Colorado Springs provides comprehensive safety education and confidence-building skills to young people, ages three to 18. Kidpower of Colorado Springs is the local center of Kidpower International, a non-profit, charitable organization. Kidpower’s programs are known worldwide for being positive, practical, safe and age-appropriate.

Young people are taught to recognize potential danger. Scenarios include situations with peers and adults, both strangers and people they know. They learn practical solutions to the types of interactions they may encounter, such as: inappropriate touch and teasing, bullying, peer pressure, internet intrusions and exposure to weapons.

Kidpower’s upbeat experiential techniques teach young people to set clear interpersonal boundaries, seek adult help when needed and get to safety. Practicing these skills in age-appropriate role-plays raises confidence and competence in handling difficult situations.

Parents and caregivers learn how to talk with their children about these issues and support implementation of the skills they have learned.

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