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OneBodyEnt. located in Colorado Springs CO

DeAndre Smith is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of OneBodyEnt. and a life-long member of Colorado Springs’ Southside Community. He was born and raised in the neighborhood affectionately known as “K-Land.” He and his wife, Jennifer, established OneBodyEnt. and its purpose. The organization missions to serve youth and adults by helping to prevent criminal offenses and re-offenses. Through arts and entertainment, OneBodyEnt. provides positive outlets for community members to occupy their time and surround them with like-minded peers.

One Body Ent missions to empower and inspire all members of the Colorado Springs community indiscriminately. We strive to assist troubled and indigent neighborhoods through faith-based community outreach programs designed to provide housing, supplemental learning, school supplies, and critical household needs. One Body Ent is passionate about changing negative behaviors and promotes wholesome entertainment activities and events that affect positive change, and unifies the community as one body.

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