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Paleo Tracks Survival School LLC

Paleo Tracks Survival School LLC located in Monument CO

Paleo Tracks Survival School LLC is a premier survival, primitive living, bush-craft and wilderness self reliance training opportunity.

Paleo Tracks focuses on what nature can provide and what early ancestors would have had available. No special gear is used to replace the most important tool: the mind.

The approach:

  • Tool-making: stone, antler and bone
  • Fire-by-friction: starting, keeping and movement
  • Water: finding, collecting, purifying and drinking
  • Wilderness Safety: weather, predators, movement, etc.
  • Natural Navigation: in the sky above and on the ground below
  • Wild Edible & Useful Plants: food, medicine or resource
  • Shelters: permanent and nomadic
  • Hunting & Trapping: passive and active techniques
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Much, much more!

Paleo Tracks prides itself on the fact that people who attend classes leave competent with the skills they came to learn and better prepared to tackle the wilds in any situation.

These classes will make you better! Most classes are limited to eight people or less to help insure this. A safe, fun, educational, and quality experience is the top priority. While Paleo Tracks is based out of Colorado, the school will travel to any location worldwide.

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