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Pikes Peak Women

Pikes Peak Women located in Colorado Springs CO

Pikes Peak Women was established in 2011 in response to a growing call for a forum for investigation and open discussion on key local, state and national issues. The organization was founded by some of the leading women in the region, each with a diverse background and a shared passion for co-creating an environment in which all residents are able to participate fully. Its mission is to provide a platform where women in the Pikes Peak region can become engaged and discuss civic issues about which they care deeply.

The group has provided platforms to address healthcare reform, pay equity, community innovation and investment, along with facilitating the meaningful contribution of women at all levels of business, government and community. Issues may include women’s health and safety, challenges with career and family, or the actions of politicians for or against women’s rights. While such issues may be emotionally charged, we expect and maintain civility among all.

Pikes Peak Women is committed to the deliberate recruitment and support of women in leadership positions and actively work on issues that make a difference. Pikes Peak Women is an independent organization, coordinated by volunteer effort.

Pikes Peak Women is under the umbrella of Women’s Resource Agency.

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