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Never Alone Foundation

Never Alone Foundation located in Colorado Springs CO

Founded in July, 2012 to honor the memories of Laurel, Hannah, Zoe and Lucy Constantinides, the Never Alone Foundation aims to carry on their legacy within the international adoption community by creating partnerships and bridging a long-standing gap between services and the families who need them.

The Never Alone Foundation invests in families connected with the international adoption community. Drawing from the foundation’s reservoir, they bridge the financial gap to assist parents in bringing orphaned children home. The foundation also offers aid to parents shouldering significant medical expenses as they endeavor to bring their youngsters to full physical health. Finally, Never Alone provides financial assistance allowing families to access the unique post-placement services and support that help children with adoption challenges learn to be born in their parents’ hearts.

Grant programs include:

  • Hannah’s Halo: a grant for families seeking the unique and informed post-placement support services and counseling needed by children and/or parents with adoption and attachment challenges
  • Zoe’s Rainbow: a grant for those who desire to build their family by adding a child through international adoption.
  • Lucy’s Love: a grant for families who have welcomed children with significant medical needs.

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