Karen Smith

Karen Smith


Website: http://www.KarensWildlifeStudio.com

 (331) 216 - 3432

   303 E Lake Avenue, Woodland Park, CO, 80863

My love for animals and creative side came together about thirty years ago when I explored an introductory art workshop with a wildlife artist. She had just completed the most beautiful Leopard painting I had ever seen.

I said someday I want to be able to do that. Several years later I came across an instructor at a local nature center who introduced me to colored pencil drawing on suede mat. I instantly fell in love with it and stayed with her on a weekly basis for the next twelve years.

My desire was always drawing wildlife and discovered that my passion was the "Big Cats" which has become my specialty, although I  now create other furry creatures as well.

I have come to understand that not only is this gift I have been given my joy and now my life's work, but also has a purpose of not only sharing my talent with others, but also to set a positive example for appreciation and awareness of endangered species and an awareness and appreciation for artwork and how it can be used to make positive changes in the world.

My desire and goal with my artwork is to share it with others and also to represent an awareness and connection between wildlife and all of humanity as one.