Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano


Website: https://www.romanodaniel.com/

 (719) 651-7421

   2822 N. Nevada ave., Colorado Springs, CO

Daniel Romano is a Colorado based artist who works in fabricated metal sculpture, relief, paintings.

Other projects inculde the No.6 billiard table, landscape installations, and architectural installations as with the N3 taphouse.

​Born in Colorado 1966, Romano as a teenager began sculpture work with wood carving, he was later drawn to working with metal, a material which can be welded, formed, pigmented.

Growing up at the family business D&L TV and Radio (est 1951) he eventually started working as a television repairman.

Surrounded by televisions playing advertisements, and daytime television, effected his perception of the media. This is a great source of influence on the work he does with his painting, and

"My work is the abstract form based on ideas. Some forms border on realistic, the amount of abstraction depends on how I decide to express these ideas." - Daniel Romano

In addition to Sculpture, Romano uses paintings, and relief work to more fully develop ideas.  " I use to struggle with communicating fully with sculpture alone. With painted panel, and relief... I have control over a background space, I can build an environment which works with the central theme of the sculptural form." - Daniel Romano

"I am very fond of early american expressionist artists, there is so much influence there..."  - Daniel Romano