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Casey Chinn


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Working in the medium of digital photography, I have a passion for capturing the light, texture, and forms of the natural world, and conveying them in a way that makes this inherent beauty and mystery available to the viewer.

I focus my work primarily on Colorado, and the deserts of the western U.S., yet I always find endless fascination with the natural world wherever my travels may take me. Photography has been my lifelong passion and I always look forward to exploring new aspects of this medium.

I began my formal education in photography at the Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs in 1982, majoring in Fine Art Photography, along with many outdoor pursuits that the college was known for.

I returned to school a few years later, and in 1990, earned an Associates Degree in Photography from The Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. I have been a working professional commercial and landscape photographer ever since. My work has been displayed at numerous venues and has been valued for its technical quality, diversity, beauty, and simplicity. When not out traveling and capturing new images, I reside in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I now own Casey Chinn Photography LLC, based in Colorado Springs, specializing in fine art landscape photography prints on metal.