Julia McMinn Evans

Julia McMinn Evans


Website: http://www.juliamevans.com

 (719) 650-3243

   The Second Floor Studios, 2418 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

I am inspired by nature and interpret her beauty into shapes, color and exciting textures. My abstract landscape paintings are filled with color and energy.

I develop my design using thumbnail sketches where I work out the composition, the values, and what I want the painting to say.  After selecting the best design for the painting I lay out my composition on a textured surface (I like spreading thick gesso with old credit cards: thus avoiding a smooth surface). I then paint layers of color, shapes, and marks, often drawing into the wet paint.  Shapes come and go, surprising elements surface and the painting becomes a journey into the unknown.

It is this mystery my collectors love.