Laura BenAmots

Laura BenAmots

Painting - Visual Arts - Visual Arts Instructor - Works on paper - Installation art, social advocacy artist


   1511 W. Kiowa St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

Of her artist journey Laura BenAmots says, “The disparate experiences of my life shape my art as I search for belonging and solitude. Time passes and I have found great freedom in the eclectic visual voices discovered in the search."

Laura was the Artist in Residence at The Machine Shop which culminated in a one-person show in 2018. Other recent career highlights include her 2017 exhibit Stream of Consciousness inspired by her pilgrimage to Standing Rock in 2016 - a trip that deeply impacted her creative journey and resulted in the series titled Whispering Bones, Dancing Waters, Talking Skies, Sacred Grounds. She has been a member of the activist women artists group Rough Ruby Arts Collective since 2016, was featured artist in the national online journal, Collateral, because of her extensive works honoring the struggles of veterans with PTS, Battle Portraits, and her work was selected for inclusion in the 2014 International Contemporary Artists Exhibit in Assisi, Italy.

New York born painter, BenAmots, spent her formative years in Israel and has lived in Colorado since 1998. She served as Gallery Director at Pikes Peak Community College for eight years and has been a tenured member of faculty since 2001. Her career has included a range of solo, juried and invitational exhibits both nationally and internationally.

Two books have been published about her work: BATTLE PORTRAITS Wounded Lions Wounded Lambs (published and distributed by the BAC Art Book Project and Eros On Canvas: the erotic paintings of Laura BenAmots (co-published by Last Gasp Press in San Francisco, California, and the Smokemuse Press in Colorado