Karen Winfield

Karen Winfield


Website: http://www.karenwinfield.com/

   Denver, CO

I am inspired and excited by materials. An old French birdcage; earth oxides used as dyes, then as encaustic pigments; metal clay and beads—any of these will lead me to art making. I blame the fact that I am an art teacher for the variety of media that I feel compelled to explore. I am especially attracted to textures and materials I can use to create texture. Currently, I am working in clay and in encaustic and experimenting in mixing the two. That doesn't keep me from taking some photos, working on some digital manipulation and doing some fiber work. Always more avenues to explore….

Since June of 2013, I have, with the help of many artist friends, been replacing the art materials that I lost in the Black Forest fire.  I have also moved to the Denver area and have used some of the remnants and photos of the aftermath of the fire as inspirations for new work.