Nancy Bonig

Nancy Bonig



   17275 Colonial Park Drive, Monument, CO

Nancy Bonig designs and creates most of her kilnworked pieces with the hope that they will bring as much pleasure to the person who buys them as they did to her when she created them.

The design process starts with the finished piece in mind: its final size, shape, bend, and function. Then she draws on the influences of the Art Deco period, with its sleek, geometric forms and stylized imagery in decoration and design, while she experiments with line, color, texture, and balance to achieve a pleasing whole.

Nancy tries to learn something new with each project, whether it be design, color combinations, or firing techniques. Working with glass, she has learned to respect the material, be awed by its transformation with heat, and wonder at future possibilities.

She also thinks it is important to educate the public in the process and techniques of creating art. This is why she started Front Range Open Studios in 2011, where artists open their actual working studios to the public and demonstrate the tools and materials in their unique sanctuary of creative expression.