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Linda Sagastume


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   8020 Westwood Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80919

Colorado Springs is my home town and The Bemis School of Art, Colorado State University and Cottonwood are the sources of my education. For many years I focused on technical art training and overlooked the creative expression of art. A few years ago I discovered art journaling and my whole world changed. By combining mixed media with written words for design and poetic expression on a journal page, I have discovered how to trust my creative intuition. How could something so accessible have such an impact on my journey as an artist? Perhaps because art journaling is primarily a right brain activity with no hard fast rules and any artist benefits from the freedom of making art just for the sake of creating. Working in an art journal is a personal experience, a way to connect with our creative intuition, and a tool for developing ideas for your paintings. I have developed a variety of classes in Art Journaling, and acrylic painting. The focus is on creating layers using acrylic mediums, collage, and mark making. My work has been published in Somerset Studio, Art Journaling, and Somerset Studio Gallery magazines. Designed for beginners or an advanced artist, my classes will impact your creative world and spark new ideas! Currently teaching at Bemis School of Art and available for individual lessons or small group events.