Jesse  Wilson

Jesse Wilson


Whether it's working with a business team, professional development with teachers, one-on-one coaching with an at-risk teenager, a writing performing workshop with "perfectionist" gifted kids, or donning theatrical masks in front of 500 college students, my message is the same: Embrace the story you were born to tell. As a Juilliard Theatre Graduate, with over 20 years in the acting industry, my love for the arts began early, growing up in Hollywood, CA. While living in New York City, I developed material for my educational solo shows that have been performed nationally. Using the time-tested power of the arts, I empower everyone to discover the wondrous world of possibilities that lie within each of us through the power of story. In the arts, we are taught to “use it” – use the challenges, use the frustration, the confusion! But even if you’re not an artist, you are a creator. And the obstacles in your life can be the greatest source of inspiration as father, mother, family member, professional, teacher, you name it. How do you "use" those obstacles... And turn them into triumphs.