Michael  Bliss

Michael Bliss


Website: http://www.blissfest333.org

Born in 1971 Michael Bliss spent his childhood in Colorado. He realized his passion for art, poetry, film and photography during his teenage years. At age 24 he moved to Austin, Texas to study and make films. While having an art studio and working at the Artplex gallery he became friends with teachers, students, artists and filmmakers. His passion for film has landed him on the set with some of today’s top directors. While working on the set with Robert Rodriquez (The Faculty, Sin City, Desperado, Spy Kids) he did everything from working behind the scenes to playing a news camera man, a teacher and as a extra in many scenes! He has also worked for Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, School of Rock,  A  Scanner Darkly) and has met Quentin Tarantino, Mike Judge and many others. Bliss’ passion for art and film is matched by his passion for life and his community.

Michael Bliss created Blissfest333 in 1999 in memory of Gary Pedon.  A multimedia, cultural arts, film festival. Each Festival benefits and supports many great causes. The first two were to help find a cure for AIDS. The third was to help premature babies and their families. The fourth was to help abused animals. The fifth was to benefit Angel Eyes formerly The Colorado SIDS Foundation.  The sixth was to help abused animals, The Springs Rescue Mission and Safe Passage. Blissfest333 “Reborn” Is to help the poor, the sick, the homeless, abused animals and people with disABILITIES. Featuring many talented artists, filmmakers, people that are homeless or were  homeless and people with disABILITIES that will show there amazing abilities! Blissfest333 welcomes everyone with open arms.

Michael is blessed with a beautiful wife Bonnie Bliss and with five wonderful children. Taylor, Austin, Delaney, Kelsey, Zach. His son Austin was born premature. He was one pound fifteen ounces. His struggle to keep his son alive was the backdrop for Blissfest 3, a benefit for Premature Infants.

Michael moved back to Colorado from Texas to be with his mother who passed away in 2003. In the past years Michael has made contacts in the film, television and non-profit communities. Bliss has a sizeable group behind him as he heads into promoting his next Festival. Sponsors and beneficiaries include Independent Film Society Of Colorado, ESPN Radio 1880, Kawa Coffee, FastFrame, PPHSRF ( The Colorado Springs Trolley Musuem), Steiner SILS, Cafe' Lotus, Fort Morgan Times, Coates Realty, Inc, Newborn Hope, Springs Magazine, The Independent, local television & radio, business owners and countless members of the community. Bliss is sure to make an impact in the Colorado Arts & Non-Profit Community in the coming years. is about the community and the arts. Getting together in a blissful, harmonious environment. Meeting new friends, artists and the community in a positive atmosphere. Blissfest is devoted to help and raise money for charitable organizations. This year we are helping the sick, the poor, the homeless, and the abused. We also donate and help rescue and save abused animals. We welcome the community with open arms.