Marcus Jordan

Marcus Jordan


   2515 Hancock Expressway #324, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80910

 I am a freelance artist with experience in traditional and digital art. I am a self-driven, highly detail-oriented and dedicated worker with a deep passion for art and technology.


Windows OS(95-8) :18+ Years Experience
Microsoft Office Suite: 10+ Years Experience
Microsoft Project: 3 Months Experience

Adobe Illustrator (CS4-CC): 2+ Years Experience
Adobe InDesign (CS4-CC): 2+ Years Experience
Adobe Photoshop (CS4-CC): 2+ Years Experience
Adobe Premiere Pro (CS4-CC): 2+ Years Experience
Autodesk Maya 2012 &2014: 1+ Year Experience



Denver 48 Hour Film Project
The Stealthy Mr. Brisk - Team Redstar
August 2013

Project Description/Job:

-Creative Assistant
-Create Storyboards
-Assist in story creation

Delectable Disasters - Team Bad Spy
August 2014

Project Description/Job:

-Footage Supervisor
-Dump audio and video
-Organize dumped files for editing
-Clean and sync up audio and video using PluralEyes3 software.
-Initial editing including minor video and audio correction for primary editor