Joanne Lavender

Joanne Lavender


   2418 W Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor Studio L, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

"From my earliest memories I have had a continual connection to the beauty and serenity of Nature. When I came to Colorado the Western landscapes spoke to me as a person and an artist. I have worked to represent the open spaces with simple abstract shapes and values.  I observe the landscape then compose my representation of it."

Originally from Virginia, Joanne studied and worked in graphic design in the San Francisco Bay Area before 'coming home' to Colorado. In Colorado she began to transition her work into fine arts.  For several years she focused on drawing. She then began color theory and moved into painting in oils.

Joanne is known for her strong abstract shapes leading the viewer into a unique view of the Western landscape.

She currently shows in Colorado Springs at the  Kreuser Gallery,  Anita Marie Fine Arts Gallery and The Alvarez Gallery.