Silvia Deen

Silvia Deen

Glasswork - Mixed Media - Visual Arts - Fused Glass


 (719) 246-1521

   2450 Mesa Rd, Colorado Springs, CO

I am a Colorado Glass Artist and my unique artwork takes visual representations of Colorado's nature.

I love trees and their surroundings, the transition of the leaves throughout the season are truly me they represent the eternal circle of nature. As a nature inspired artist, I find beauty in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors. My unique Glass Art includes authentic rock chips preserved in epoxy as well as various leaves and tree bark on assorted Glass panels. Each of the pieces are individually crafted and specifically cut. These carefully cut glass fragments are then position to achieve the desired imagine of trees and landscapes. Once a picture is finished, it is heated in a kiln to approximately 1410 degrees Fahrenheit, to fuse the glass resulting in the final product.