Marni Szafranski

Marni Szafranski

Graphic Arts - Murals - Painting - Photography - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Chalkboard Art

 (517) 462-0712

   6035 Buttermere Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

I am a highly imaginative creator of works ranging from funky abstract acrylic paintings to whimsical children's murals. I also have a flair for handwriting and the invention of fonts, serving clientele in the areas of chalkboard signage as well as unique invitation addressing.

I left college at the age of 19 as a consequence of my sister's sudden death. Life has since taken me to a rich variety of cities, cultures and communities; which have gifted me with the joy of inspiration. I choose thick, vibrant colors to convey a story. I strive to bring new vision to the eyes which look upon my expressions.

My original creations brighten private homes and businesses, in the form of canvas paintings and/or distinctive wall art. My most extraordinary and celebrated creation attends Junior High.