Ona-Marie Engle

Ona-Marie Engle


   5434 Alta Loma Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

Ona-Marie Engle is a jeweler, teacher, and art enthusiast. After discovering her creativity through taking various jewelry classes, Ona-Marie developed her skills and began teaching.

While working full-time as a Contract Manager in 2010, Ona-Marie Engle started taking jewelry classes at Bemis School of Art.

Her original intent was to develop a hobby, however, after taking several classes such as beading, precious metal clay and soldering, Ona-Marie started making rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings to sell at a local salon. Through the years, she has taken just about every jewelry class offered, some twice, to continue to develop new skills.

What started as a hobby has turned in to a second career, one that One-Marie truly enjoys. In 2017, she was asked to take over a class from an ill instructor. Ona-Marie taught the class and had a great time. Bemis then asked her to develop some of my own classes, such as wire-wrapped rings, beading basics, and bracelets and beyond. Teaching at Bemis has allowed Ona-Marie to share skills with students and learn new ideas from students’ creativity.