Dec 18 2018
Jan 15 2019
Keyforge League presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games, Colorado Springs Colorado

Keyforge League

Presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games

In the center of the universe hangs the Crucible, an artificial world built from the pieces of countless planets.

Here, in the world’s first unique deck game, created by legendary designer Richard Garfield, two players step into the roles of mighty Archons, racing to forge keys that unlock the crucible’s hidden vaults.

$5 entry covers four weeks of play and prize support at the conclusion of those four weeks.

League play began December 11.

Every player receives one Active House card on signing up for league play.

The top sixteen on league’s conclusion receives a set of stun cards, top four receives a set of metal damage tokens.

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Phone: (719) 522-1099


Dates & Times

2018/12/18 - 2019/01/15

Additional time info:

December 25 is Christmas Day and January 1 is New Years’ Day.

Location Info

Petrie's Family Games

7681 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920