Jun 08 - 11 2020

5th-12th Grade Animation Virtual Summer Class

Presented by Animation Production Group at Online/Virtual Space

Create animated stories and be a part of the creative process! This class will focus on skill development for animating, character design, scriptwriting, and voiceover acting.

You will learn to:

The story that created this after school and summer program:

When I was teenager, I dreamed of having a place where I could grow in the art and creative expressions that were inside of me. I loved movies, cartoons, Hollywood and artistic media. I loved to draw and experiment with cartoon animation. I wanted someone to show me how I could get really good at it. I wanted a community I could be a part of that would affirm and encourage who I am as a creative person.

\The problem was that none existed that was either affordable or accessible to me. Eventually, I enrolled in an expensive art school that failed to provide any lasting community to support me on my journey.

Today, creative youth are experiencing that same frustration. I discovered this first hand as a public school art teacher. Many of our in-school art programs are restrictive and limited to academic requirements that do not allow artistic students to truly explore their creative interests and ambitions.

Today’s students are inspired by their heroes and the pop-culture stories that they have come to love and respect. This is why I have created the Animation Production Group After School classes.

This is a place where students who love animation, digital media, or pop-culture art can grow in the skills and expressions that they dream of mastering. Students in this program have told me that not only do they love what they learn in these classes, but also that they love to come because it is a safe place from the stresses and pressures of life, and that it provides a peaceful atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their creative gifts, and enjoy the company of others who share that same passion. They tell me it’s the best 90 minutes of their week!

Artists need mentors and friends who share their passion and will walk with them as they pursue their creative passions. We invite you to register below and join us for this purpose.

“The class experience was awesome!!! Before this class I used to lock myself in my room and try to learn off the internet. This class is better!! I got to work with cool people and I love the method of art teaching.”
– M.S. (10th Grade)

“What I really like about this class is that it doesn’t stress me out like the rest of my life does. Instead it provides a peaceful place where I can enjoy my creativity.”
– O.R. (7th Grade)

Admission Info

Tuition is $158 per student
includes six weekly 120 minute classes & four voiceover recording sessions

Phone: (719) 357-7780

Email: info@animationgroup.org

Dates & Times

2020/06/08 - 2020/06/11

Additional time info:

Mondays, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
(MDT Mountain Daylight Time)
June 8th – July 13th, 2020
6 classes

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
(MDT Mountain Daylight Time)
June 11th – July 16th, 2020
6 classes

Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
(MDT Mountain Daylight Time)
June 11th – July 16th, 2020
6 classes

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space