Aug 07 - 16 2020
‘Ever in Between: A Combination Of Classic Fairytales With An Unfamiliar Twist’ presented by Peak Radar Live Online Show and Podcast at ,

'Ever in Between: A Combination Of Classic Fairyta...

Presented by Colorado Springs Young People Theatre Troupe at Mary Kyer Park

An original fractured fairytale play, written and directed by theatre students Mikayla Taylor and Audrey McGee!

With a star-studded local cast of 16, a lighthearted script, and an outdoor space perfect for socially distant audiences, this show will surely bring a smile to young faces all across town!

‘Ever In Between’ is a fun fairy tale adventure that brings audience members deep into the mystical woods of Sherwood Forest where they encounter a classic hero vs. villain story featuring many familiar characters.

The villain of the story, the Evil Queen, who desires one thing–to be the most beautiful in all the land–seeks to bring an end to Snow White, the fairest of them all. The Queen sends a Huntsman to dispose of Snow White, only to be foiled by everyone’s favorite honorable thief, Robin Hood. Soon falling head-over-heels for her (as opposed to his friend Marian), he finds her a place among his Merry Dwarves. However, Snow’s safety is compromised when the Queen plots an amusing series of murder attempts. Can Robin, Marian, and the Dwarves protect her, especially with the confusing presence of Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel, and Gretel?

There is a full-length show to be performed at our stage, but for those who have been cooped up in quarantine a bit too long, we have pre-show scenes scattered along the La Foret Trail, leading from Mary Kyer Park to our venue!

Before each performance, audiences will gather in small, socially-distanced groups to walk the trail and be introduced to our characters! (For those with less time or who find the walk a bit much, they can head straight to the stage and catch the pre-show summary in their programs.)

Admission Info


Donations of $5 recommended.

Phone: (719) 725-3855


Dates & Times

2020/08/07 - 2020/08/16

Location Info

Mary Kyer Park

1102 Middle Creek Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Accessibility Info

Audiences will sit on a grassy hillside, with “steps” of flat ground. Wheelchairs can come down the hill on a sidewalk and then wheel onto the grassy area. (Though the space is not specifically built for wheelchair accessibility.)