Feb 10 2021
‘If These Walls Could Talk: House and Neighborhood Histories’ presented by  at Online/Virtual Space, 0 0

'If These Walls Could Talk: House and Neighborhood Histories'

Presented by Pikes Peak Genealogical Society at Online/Virtual Space

This presentation is being conducted by Mary Kircher Roddy, CG:

"I don’t know of many genealogists who aren’t also historians. It’s in our natures to be curious of what went on before, to understand our family’s history. But it’s also interesting to learn more about that place where we spend our daily lives – our homes.  Who was here before me?  How might they have used this home?  What tales did they bring home from their work or school at the end of the day?  Who were their neighbors?  Has my house always looked this way?  Learning about your house and neighborhood can increase your sense of place and help you to connect on a deeper level with that place you call 'home.'”

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG®, is a Certified Public Accountant in Seattle. She tackles genealogy research and education in the same logical way she’d approach an accounting problem. She has lectured internationally and written for numerous genealogical publications. She currently serves as APG Treasurer. Reach Mary at mroddyn3@msn.com and read her blog, Searching for Stories, at mkrgenealogy.com/searching-for-stories-blog.

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2021/02/10 - 2021/02/10

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6:30 p.m.: Zoom hangout begins
7:00 p.m.: Meeting begins via Zoom

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Online/Virtual Space