Apr 07 2021
Kiss My Grits presented by Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop at Online/Virtual Space, 0 0

Kiss My Grits

Presented by Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop at Online/Virtual Space

We are so excited to bring in small batch Grits Girl Grits from Mississippi – and we want to share the excitement with you!  In this first of its kind class we are going to cook up some real gristmill coarse ground grits, taste them, then turn them into cheese grits!  That’s almost a class in itself, but we’re just getting started.  Next, we are going to use the grits ground down to cornmeal and make cornbread!  AND THEN… We’re going to make a delicious creole stew to smother the cheese grits!  Hungry yet?

This is an online, live & interactive cooking class. Gather will provide a recipe kit with the ingredients, available for pick up or you can choose to shop on your own.  Food will be cooked in your own kitchen with your own equipment. Each recipe serves 4.

On the menu:

Admission Info

There are two registration options for this class:

$25 – Purchase your own groceries

$50 – Purchase a pre-measured recipe kit

Phone: (719) 308-2992

Email: dcook@gatherfoodstudio.com

Dates & Times

2021/04/07 - 2021/04/07

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Online/Virtual Space