Apr 02 2021
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Tanner Valant

Presented by Novis Mortem Collective at Novis Mortem Collective

We are featuring a very talented young artist by the name of Tanner Valant with his drawings this month!

Tanner Valant is a 16-year-old artist from Colorado Springs. He focuses on realistic and hyper-realistic art, primarily using colored pencils with airbrushed backgrounds. Tanner works with other mediums including paint and pen and ink. He also enjoys spending time in his woodturning studio where he turns bowls, platters, pens, and hand-cast resin spheres.

Tanner’s love of art dates back to his preschool and kindergarten days when he started taking drawing lessons at an art studio and continued on for nine years with his teacher after the school closed. He also experimented with multiple art forms at Studio 101 in Old Colorado City for seven years. He takes advanced art classes in high school and learns online from artists whose work he admires.

Quarantine offered Tanner the chance to seek out other artists online to witness their struggles, inspirations, and successes and also to gain insight into how they perfect their techniques. He respects and enjoys many types of art but personally finds value in hyper-realism as it offers a sharp glance into the world. Creating art focuses Tanner, allowing him to find beauty in small objects. He believes that through art one can defy reality and physics or instead focus on them to bring out details that might otherwise be overlooked.

Currently, Tanner is creating a portfolio of work to help him earn a spot in a top college art program.

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Email: novismortemshop@gmail.com

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2021/04/02 - 2021/04/02

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Novis Mortem Collective

22. E Bijou St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903