Jan 07 2022
April Lavely, Teri Christman, & Molly McClure presented by  at ,

April Lavely, Teri Christman, & Molly McClure

Presented by Salad or Bust at Salad or Bust

We are a new restaurant located downtown at 8 E Bijou. We have 3 artists who have graciously taken the time to hang their work in our new space; April Lavely (Fox and The Toad), Teri Christman (t_e_r_i), and Molly McClure (Molly McClure Art).

Free Hors d’oeuvres will be available for sampling while supplies last.

We will have our regular menu available to order from.

April Lavely: Creations made in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado Springs, CO. April Lavely Robinson combines her love of art, nature and curiosity of dark corners to produce an eclectic gallery of wonder.

Teri Christman: I was born in Iowa City, IA but have lived in Manitou Springs, CO for the last 22 years. Upon moving here, I was overwhelmed by the beauty that is Colorado and compelled to start taking photos. And I still, 22 years later, feel the need to pull over and snap a photo of Pikes Peak or some other local gloriousness almost daily. Looking at things as potential photographs changes the way you view the world. I think it makes it much more exciting. While I love taking photographs, I am addicted to photo editing. You will never see a no filter tag on my work.

To me, anyone can take a photograph of something beautiful. I want to offer something different, something unique. I want you to see how things look in my brain. I love to see the potential in things; to look at something and see a vision of what it could be. Then I can edit it into my reality! It is my hope that my work will let you see things from a slightly different perspective and that you will be entertained along the way. In a world where everyone has a phone and is a photographer, I appreciate you taking the time to look at mine!

Molly McClure: Molly McClure is a self-taught, Colorado based muralist who comes from a family of creators. Her father’s consideration for excellence, and devotion to craft have been driving forces of inspiration for Molly. After studying at Rocky Mountain College of Design and acceptance to the Chicago Art Institute, she went on to work on an architectural design project. Her varied background in architectural finishes has instilled a mastery mindset that energizes the work she does today. Her bright and beautiful works wear oils, acrylics and latex. Her focused, detailed brush work and vivid color combinations are brilliantly eye-catching. Molly is invested in expanding her horizons and growing with her community! She has enjoyed creating numerous murals in the Knob Hill neighborhood and weaved her work into local restaurants and bars in downtown Colorado Springs. McClure appreciates the beauty of life and celebrates lived experience through creating.

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Email: saladorbust@gmail.com

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2022/01/07 - 2022/01/07

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Salad or Bust

8 E Bijou St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903