Mar 04 2022
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Presented by Novis Mortem Collective at Novis Mortem Collective

We are hosting the talented Devan Bowers and Roshni will join us from 6-8 p.m. to read Tarot.

Devan Bowers, is originally from Los Angeles, CA and has been illustrating for well over 15 years. Over the span of his artistry, he has cultivated a multitude of different styles and interests until he landed on where his work resides today. Combining ritualistic art, eastern mandala, and elements of the female form into a synergy of blacks and golds that ripple across the surface of my works.

In 2019 he also released his first artbook 'Ritual Vol.1' combining the facets of his artwork up to this moment in time, showcasing multiple elements of his works and diving deeper into the expressions of his inner self. He doesn’t believe in art that carries no ounce of emotion, no weight of feeling; These very ingredients are what make the world itself captivating and should be used in the very mixture of the media that touches your canvas.

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2022/03/04 - 2022/03/04

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Novis Mortem Collective

22 East Bijou St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903