Oct 02 2016
No More Waiting to Exhale Yoga Workshop presented by  at ,

No More Waiting to Exhale Yoga Workshop

Presented by Tracey Garcia Yoga at Falcon Yoga

In our current culture of bowing down at the altar of "busy," we can find ourselves in a unending state of disquiet, agitation and heightened anxiety. Using the grounding energy of the New Moon, we will disrupt the nervous system's pattern of distress so you can find the underlying serenity that constantly awaits your arrival. Together, we will come back to our steady centers through breath awareness, low-lying, rooted yin asanas and relaxing yoga nidra. Drop down your defenses and release your burden in this candlelight yoga experience. Please bring a mat and two blocks if you own them.

This workshop will be located in the Falcon Yoga studio within Kenshin Martial Arts, 7375 McLaughlin Road, Falcon, CO  80831.

Admission Info

Tickets available at www.TraceyGarciaYoga.com.

$15 purchased individually, $25 when purchased with Moonriver:  A Liquid Lunar Flow

Phone: 719-285-9642

Email: TraceyGarciaYoga@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2016/10/02 - 2016/10/02

Location Info

Falcon Yoga

7375 McLaughlin Road, Peyton, CO