Sep 09 2016
Pianist Nadejda Vlaeva “ROMANTIC JOURNEY” presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive, Colorado Springs CO

Pianist Nadejda Vlaeva "ROMANTIC JOURNEY"

Presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive

Our Romantic Journey starts with one major work that makes up the first half, the late Fantasy-Sonata by Franz Schubert, the poet of our great music tradition.  The work surely has its epic moments, but this is largely a work of tender lyricism, sunshine, radiance, gentleness, where a dance is never far off.  Our artist, Nadejda Vlaeva, courageously takes the challenge, not due to any great technical requirements, but due to the musical demands of this sublime work.

A better opening for our 2016-2017 season is hard to imagine.

So what is it with these 2 Russian composers, that even music professor,

Dr. Abe Minzer, has never heard of?  Bortkiewicz and Drozdoff??

Think Rachmaninoff and you’re in the ballpark. Contemporaries of Rachmaninoff, the two Russians, Bortkiewicz and Drozdoff wrote inspired music, filled with sweet, melting melodies and lavish harmonies.  Actually, I heard the Bortkiewicz, so thoroughly enjoying the pieces, that I  asked Nadejda if she could play these for Classically Alive.  Drozdoff is new, but I’m sure will not disappoint.  It is so fantastic of Ms. Vlaeva to revive these works, giving public performances as well as making

first recordings of many of these pieces.

Our Romantic Journey concludes with Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 9 (“Carnival of Pest”), a work better suited for 20 fingers, that Vlaeva will attempt with her just 10 fingers.  Liszt, the legendary pianist he was, knew how to get the maximum out of the piano in every way.  But Liszt’s music is far more than pianism, and Liszt writes music of great originality, with revolutionary harmonic, coloristic and structural daring.

Beware the standing ovation temptation, as I understand,

Nadejda has a few Liszt encores up her sleeve!

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$25 includes light refreshments and drink, Students $10

Phone: 719-229-2239


Dates & Times

2016/09/09 - 2016/09/09

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Classically Alive

8 Broadmoor Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906