Jan 04 - 25 2016
Life Bliss Meditation & Puja presented by  at ,

Life Bliss Meditation & Puja

at SunWater Spa

Life bliss meditation (Nithya Dhyan) is a formula and a technique that works on the entire being to transform it and make it ready for the ultimate experience of pure consciousness and bliss. This invigorating, dynamic meditation is the perfect daily meditation to center you in a blissful, peaceful, energetic mood for the rest of your day. Each of the five steps in this meditation has been adapted from ancient Vedic scriptures, especially designed to awaken a different dimension in you. Every powerful component was assembled and arranged by enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda in such a way that makes it into a very powerful and healing practice with great results that only require about 35 minutes of your time. No experience necessary.

Benefits of Nithya Dhyan:   * Relief from stress   * improved relationships

 * Inner peace and fulfilment   * Awakened intuition   * Regulated blood pressure

* Enhanced sleep patterns   * Increased clarity   * Increased clarity

* increased energy levels for the whole day   * connection to the divine energy


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Admission Info

This is a donations-based class; your donations are greatly appreciated.

Dates & Times

2016/01/04 - 2016/01/25

Location Info

SunWater Spa

514 El Paso Blvd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829